George Koury Greenville SC Wedding DJOur owner, George Koury, has a passion for helping brides and grooms create the wedding reception of their dreams. We accomplish this through extensive planning.

We have completed a great deal of training with wedding industry experts throughout the United States pertaining to all the various aspects of a wedding and a wedding reception. For your wedding or wedding reception, we help with planning the entire event. Time after time, brides have mentioned how much our specially designed planner helped them to properly coordinate all of the professional services that help make their wedding day a successful, enjoyable event.

If someone has never planned a wedding before, it is difficult to understand all of the details and how these details combine to produce the bride and groom’s dream wedding. The wedding day is a production, much like a movie, musical or play. The wedding day involves the cast (bride & groom, parents, and the wedding party), the producers (usually the parents, the bride and the groom), the supporting staff (the caterer, venue, cake designer, and floral designer), the film crew (the photographers and videographers) and the director. While many people think of the wedding director (this is usually the person responsible for organizing the ceremony), most folks don’t think about having a director for the wedding reception. This is where 75% of the time is generally spent on the day of the wedding! Our service encompasses these duties for you. That is why we call ourselves "Directors of Wedding Entertainment!"

We use your personalized planner and music requests so that we can skillfully and tastefully direct your reception for you. Once your wedding reception begins, you will be able to ENJOY all of the wonderful components of your party: the food, the cake, your family, your friends, the dancing and all of the FUN!

What They Are Saying...

George is an expert in his field and respected by many. The way in which he handles himself has earned him the respect of all who have the pleasure to work with him. He is a sincere individual who is professional yet approachable, as well as being an incredible asset to the wedding industry.

Fraser Forde - Former Operations Director, The Party Machine